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Skellefteälven one of the trapping region rich in rivers. Easily accessible and with a good salmon fishing in the city center have made the river popular.

Because the river is developed, you have done support releases of both salmon and sea trout which has created the good fishing in the river. Most fishing takes place in town which means you can count on viewers, especially if you get fish on the hook, as it quickly collected some curious.


Flyfisher test luck just above the bridge.
Flyfisher test luck just above the bridge.

Sport fishing for salmon are conducted mostly upstream mountain village pond, while the majority of all trout fishing occurs downstream of the dam. The salmon rises late and only a few salmon caught in July, until the beginning of September, fishing in earnest.

It has been caught between 500-1500 salmon per year, with single copies around 20 kg. Trout fishing has its peak in the spring from April to mid May and the fall fishing September to November.

More about fishing

Popular fishing spots are below Bergby pond and at the Lion bridge. Rod catches of sea trout is estimated to be somewhere around 1000-2000 a year. Mobacken is the distance that gives most salmon catches. This is because large amounts of fish gather below the dam, which is a definite migration of all fish.

Fishing is best during the fall when the salmon come in droves. Spring fishing is for salmon and sea trout that had been left in the river over the winter. Only in mid-May start to the sea trout in the sea walk up the river.

Boat fishing is permitted.
Boat fishing is permitted.


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    here is the river Skellefteälven
    here is the river Skellefteälven

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    Skellefteå info sida om fisket.

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    Skellefteå turistbyrå Trädgårdsgatan 7 post nr: 931 85 Skellefteå Tel 0910-73 60 20 Fax 0910-73 60 18 Fisket i Lejonströms fiskevårdsområde är fritt från uppströms parkbron upp till Mobacken. Övrig info Fritidskontoret Tel.0910-735000

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    Salmon, seatrout